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Because normal grapes weren’t good enough

nah man these are so good. i hate that theyre seasonal
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work calling me rn

-turns off phone-

Holy shit, you look insanely good. Like, jesus. DO you ever get on skype?

I do look good. I don’t get on skype. 


If I reply with “oh” I either don’t give a fuck or I feel like i’ve been punched in the throat

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ahaha you posted it!

lost 3 followers too. they lame

its only 2 am i should not feel this tired its unacceptable

My Bf used to be a shitstain to me as well. After three years ( I know u guys have been together for much longer ) I said fuck that, dumped him and moved on kinda? Anyways we are seeing eachother but not back together and I have adopted a ' take no shit ' attitude this time and let me tell you best decision ever. That boy does not fuck with me anymore cause he knows I will drop him without a second thought, I love him but I love myself more now and refuse to be disrespected. I hope things r bett

Hmm yeah, I’ve broken up with him in the past over him being a dbag, he’ll come back kissing my ass and then he does a 180 and is a dick again within the next few months. Then I will distance myself from him and it cycles through. I don’t get it. I think I’m a pretty decent person and partner. I do a lot for him, I invested loads of time and effort into him and our relationship. He just doesn’t see it I feel like. He says he does, but he doesn’t acknowledge it in my opinion. I don’t claim to be perfect or the best goddamn person ever, but jesus christ, he needs to wake the fuck up tbh. He thinks I’ll never let go but I will, I let go of the one person I thought I would neveer get over and I don’t have that attachment with Taylor so it won’t even be that hard. 

I mean, most of yall know how I am on here..and me in person is equally aggressive, if not more.. so I really don’t know where he gets off being such a dick to me full knowing my reaction is not going to be pleasant. I keep it cool with him at first because I have developed such a tolerance for his shit, and I figure I’m rather patient. I mean today I went and told him to get the fuck out of my face and leave. He was just ignoring me when I was talking to him. FACE TO FACE MAN. At first I was like “hey whats wrong” and I asked if I did anything and he says “nothing” and continues to be an ass, so I just said fuck you and called my mom to pick me up. Like, I do stand my ground very much and I don’t back down. I think its just at the point where he thinks this behavior is acceptable because its continued for so long. Or he knows that I’ll be mad as fuck for awhile but I just stop giving a fuck after awhile and just not have the energy to continue on a fight about it. I dunno. He doesn’t comprehend shit or just doesn’t give a fuck I guess. Communicating with him is impossible because he just won’t fucking reciprocate so its like damned if I do, damned if I don’t. Thanks :V Hope your situation works out too.

Woohoo for responding to that girl about calories. As someone who used to have panic attacks at the idea of consuming 100 calories total in a day, to now eating that much/more in my snacks. Its nice to see people speaking the truth about how much a person really needs in a day.

I would burst in tears if my meals exceeded 300 calories, so I struggled with that too in a way. It sucked a lot. :/ I also now eat a much more healthy and sustainable amount, because I educated myself and realized the harm I was causing myself.
 She swears up and down since she eats “clean” the food is nutritious enough so its acceptable to eat that little. Whatever, she will have to learn the hard way unfortunately. At least others on the thread are hearing the reality of it and hopefully they are listening and taking it seriously. 

getting on my size 5 jeans was my cardio workout for the day

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It’s also pretty hard to find non sexy costumes for women. Like if u want a sexy costume, go ahead. But it seems for the most part that’s the only choice for women’s costumes

ya this is true. like i mean they sex up everything “sexy mustard bottle” or something its just a little ridiculous. i had a pretty burlesque style costume i think i could rewear this year though 


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