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Holy shit! in that blue bikini pic, there's a girl behind you wearing the same bikini that looks a lot like you taking a pic of you from behind!

That’s me. My mirror in the background is at an angle so it’s reflecting off the mirror I’m taking the photo in instead of showing the back of me. Lol

Would u ever post ur measurements?

Last I know.. 34/28?/38 and then my butt is like 43”, thighs are 24” each. Yoo.

bustin out 100 lb lat pull down like a breeze. cmon back muscles i gotta get ya out there n shit.

Where did you wear that out to? You look amazing in it.

Went out to dinner with Taylor c: Thanks

i fucked up and deleted the original post lol whooops
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Hi! Just wanted to compliment you. You look fantastic! I'm so jealous of your firm legs. What are your regular leg exercises to get them so fit and firm? Also how long did it take you to get to that point?

Thank you very much. ^_^ For leg exercises I do leg press, squats, lunges, hamstring curls, wide stance squats, calf raises and when I do cardio I do high intensity/high incline to target my legs . I’ve been training for about 2 yrs now.   x

welp im a dumbass i was deleting duplicate posts and i ended up deleting the original of one. fuuuu

Do you remember savanna? :p

Savanna as the girl Savanna that I know on FB or the school I went to in 2009? lol


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